SD Team Members

Founding Director (SD)

  • Strong data analysis skills
  • Strong knowledge of Community Development/Practice
  • Effective understanding and knowledge of policy process
  • Strong decision-making ability.
  • I have good negotiating and team working skills
  • I have effective communication and listening ability
  • Good planning and time management skills.
  • Strong knowledge of social, economic and political issues within diverse communities/countries
  • Strong knowledge of Stakeholder Partnerships and Public Policy
  • Sound ability to work with stakeholders


Education and Qualifications
2003- 2004: Master’s degree in Housing Policy and Social Change from Faculty of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science

Housing Policy, Community Development and Urban Regeneration Policy,

Housing Economics and Finance, International Housing and Social Change,

2000- 2003:  BSc (Honours) Public Administration and Social Policy from the Faculty of Law, International Relations and Governance, London Metropolitan University.     

Policy Analysis, Public Administration and Policy Process, Education Policy,

Local Government and Local Politics, Public Management, Introduction to

Social Research Methods, Social Policy and Themes and Issues, Legal

Methods, Economy and Society, Public Policy in Economic and Political



Policy and Projects Specialist at government and community development level across United Kingdom with over 18 years experience in these sectors.

Micin Ali – Profile
Co-founder External Relations Manager

Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science – University of Westminster – (London, UK)

Experience and work: currently working as senior AML/CFT consultant to African Development Bank, former regional manager, and chief compliance officer to several financial institutions in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Chairman of SOMSA – Somali Money Service businesses Association in the UK.

Micin Ali has an In-depth understanding and experience of European and International AML/CTF & Compliance laws, the ability to work with clients on both domestic & international levels, maintain a high level of professionalism.


1. Leadership:
2. Trainer:
3. Compliance monitoring and analysis:
4. Investigations:
5. Risk Management:
6. Compliance Audit

ibrahim Dirie

Co-founder and current Deputy Director

A Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management at Franklin University(Ohio, U.S)

Experience and Work: Project Manager for Infectious Disease Equity and Engagement Unit at Minnesota Department of Health. Also, he consult/teach Diversity and Inclusion as well as cultural competence programs to the seeking organization and companies.

He has an unmatched record providing impactful far reaching social services programs.