Format of the Somali Presidential Debates 2022



  • Our key mission is to organise a presidential debate with each candidate given a podium to answer from and debate with other candidates’ policy positions.
  • There will be opening statements of 90 seconds for each candidate to set out his/her vision for Somalia.
  • The moderator that will be facing the candidates is named Abdisalaan Ibrahim Hereri who is a well-respected Somali news anchor and documentary maker who has the support of the candidates to provide a meaningful, impartial, and effective management of the debates.
  • Candidates’ responses to moderator questions will be limited to two minutes each.
  • The moderator will keep candidates informed of their elapsed time and will enforce the limit of two minutes for each question. 
  • The moderator may prompt a follow-up discussion, following the candidates ‘initial responses if required.
  • Should a candidate choose to attack the policy position of another candidate, the candidate on the receiving end will be given the right to reply
  • Closing statements of 90 seconds will be offered to each candidate to speak about themselves and the future they envisage for Somalia under he/her leadership.


  • The candidates will answer 1 question from each of the following topics security/political Stability, (economy, foreign Policy/International Trade social policy, climate change

Audience: None

Source of Questions: focus groups/public social media surveys across Somalia and the diaspora

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