Somalia Debates (SD) is a charity (number NGOD/Moifar0065/22) that is non-political which exists to promote democracy, openness and accountability through wider political participation – bringing political leaders and stakeholders as well as citizens together to share perspectives on wide ranging topics such as the economy, political stability, security, climate change, good governance, and democracy.

At the heart of our mission is about democratic choice, political impartiality, and Somalia’s future. The road to democratic change is never easy but it must start somewhere, and all societies and political stakeholders must pull together towards a democratic transitional future. It is within this context we believe SD will help that future by promoting democratic spirit, bringing healthy politics to everyone’s sofa, home and abroad.

In our efforts to promote democracy, accountability, and good governance, we have broken down our initiatives into the following segments, each providing unique vehicle of delivery to meet our key objectives: 

Somalia Presidential Elections Debates 2021/2022 

As Somalia enters an election cycle for the coming months, we aim to develop and implement the first ever Somalia Presidential Debates which aims to enhance and promote democratic choice through the art of persuasion and debate on many key challenges facing Somalia. This initiative is designed to enhance democracy and give Somali leaders present and in the future the opportunity to showcase their ideas and political mission to a wider audience.  What future do they have for Somalia? What is their economic, security, trade and, social and foreign policy? Is another future possible beyond personalistic politics? The SPED hopes such discourse of this nature will forensically give the Somali audience and beyond the policy ideas and leaders on offer from Somalia.

Somalia Debates: Regional Topical Political Debates 

SD will help enhance political engagement from the Somali public by discussing substantial bread and butter issues facing their lives and country. Within this platform we recognise each Federal Members State has its own challenges and this platform will provide the necessary dialogue to bring about solutions to these local structural issues facing society. This initiative is beyond personalistic politics and aims to promote a healthy political discourse that is interactive, engaging, and progressive.